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Baby’s Dream

"The anarchy of dreaming sleep."

The baby left the big front door,
And toddled past the garden bower ;
And where two trees were arching o'er,
She lay and slept for half an hour.

In dream she saw the noisy goose
Go flapping round the setting sun ;
She thought the stars had all got loose,
And made the trees take fright and run.

The little birds had gone to bed,
The fishes all came out to play,
The snowdrop lifted high its head,
To see the fun that merry day.

The cow and horse, the bear and snail,
Were dancing round the holly plant ;
And all the time the gentle whale
Talked softly to the elephant.

The emu and the kangaroo,
Were eating strawberries and cream ;
The peacock sang a song to woo
The snow-white swan, in Baby's dream.

The tiger and the mild gazelle
Were slowly walking, arm-in-arm ;
And Baby heard the tiger tell
A tale that sounded like a charm.

The lion and the ostrich sat
To see the laughing, dancing scene,
The bat and rat and friendly cat
Played merrily upon the green.

Then Baby heard the thunder leap,
And felt the heavy drops of rain,
And waking from her magic sleep,
She wondering, toddled home again.

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